Picture Book, Illustrations Book Drawn with 12 Colored Pencils

Illustrations Book "Illustrations book drawn with 12 colored pencils" has been published.

This book is drawn with 12 colored pencils that are easy to obtain. This book focuses on how to use colored pencils, paint, and draw illustrations. This book also comes with a video so you can learn how to draw in an easy to understand. Also, a lot of illustrations are posted, and I think that it became a cute book like a picture book.

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−Impress Books 

You can draw picture book like illustrations in only 12 colors.

A lesson book where you can draw small and cute picture book-like illustrations by picture book writer Atelier RiLi with colored pencils. Get started right now with 12 colored pencils and a small sketchbook.

Anyone can easily draw illustrations because the procedure and videos show how to draw sketches and illustrations.

In addition to flowers, miscellaneous goods, bread and sweets, there are lots of fairy tales and romantic things that tickle the girl's heart, such as city buildings and forest animals.

title: Illustrations book drawn with 12 colored pencils: Flowers, Town, Forest, and Animals
published in 2021/ 2 
author: Atelier RiLi 

publication: Impress Inc.

ISBN-10: 4295010790

ISBN-13: 978-4295010791
shop: Bookstores all over Japan, Impress booksAmazon, Rakuten Books, Seven Net, HonyaClub.com, honto

2021. 2. 10. Wed.

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