Art Book, Bird Songs Flower Poems

I created this art book inspired by language of flowers. 
This book gives little birds, flowers, and poems. 
I think that we became a book where the world of birds and flowers can be felt. 
You can purchase at OfficialStoreminnneiichicreemapinkoi  can be purchased. 

“I created this art book inspired by language of flowers. The little adorable birds are like a flower fairy, they come out of nowhere and bring us dreams, happiness, kindness, warmth, and hope so if we need.”  

title: Bird Songs Flower Poems 
date of publication: published in 2016/ 3 
author: RiLi 
design: Atelier RiLi 
publication: Atelier RiLi, Printed in Japan 
minnne, iichi, creema, pinkoi

2016. 4. 3. Sun.

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