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Children's Book, Hedgehog Pochica: Shoping to Forest Town


"Hedgehog Pochica: shoping to Forest Town" is a children's book set in Clanpetene, the world where Pochica lives.

This is a story about "Forest Town" a town full of flowers and greenery in the north of Clanpetene. Many animals come here.

In the "Forest Town" there are many wonderful stores and goods. Pochica wants all kinds of things just by walking around the town.... This is a cute picture book about Pochica.

It is available at bookstores nationwide and online, and we hope you will take a look at it.

Available at bookstores nationwide, Iwasaki Shoten, Amazon, Rakuten Books, honto,, etc. 

−Iwasaki Shoten

Pochika came to "Morimomachi" by train. When we got there, we found it was full of wonderful stores! Products are lined up in rows. Pochika exchanges her acorns for the goods. A stick of candy costs one acorn. Toys are 2 acorns. He seems to have bought a little too much.
The acorns in her purse are getting smaller and smaller... This picture book about shopping is full of charm and teaches the basics of shopping: exchanging money (acorns) for goods and learning numbers by counting acorns.


title: Illustrations book drawn with 12 colored pencils: Flowers, Town, Forest, and Animals

published in 2022/ 11
author: Atelier RiLi 

publication: Iwasaki Shoten Inc.

ISBN-10: 4265081886

ISBN-13: 978-4265081882
Bookstores all over Japan, Iwasaki-shotenAmazon, Rakutenbooks,

2022. 11. 15. Tue.

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